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Went to Pep Boys on Route 1 South in Princeton for a simple tire replacement (so I thought) for my Prius. Went for the buy 3 tires, get 1 free deal.

Tires were changed within an hour, but upon check out, was then handed a voucher for a rebate, after I was told prior to repair that I'm only paying for 3 tires. After receiving back my car I came to notice the pressure light was still on. I went right back inside to ask why wasn't the light reset. The response I got was, "Drive a mile and the light should reset." (Never heard of such a thing).

Took it to Toyota a few days later, and I was informed that the pressure sensor was damaged because the tires were not changed properly taking the electronics into account.

With no real competition in this area Pep Boys as really slacked in having properly trained and knowledgeable people, and put more effort in trying to avoid and hide their mistakes instead of just fessing up and fixing it.

My next step is a payment dispute for providing services not requested. (Damaged Sensor) Will not be using their services again.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Vero Beach, Florida, United States #596766

It's not drive a mile you have to get it over 15mph for the light to go off if it doesn't you have either a bad tpms or need to calibrate the tpms. Pepboys does send customers to the dealer sometimes because we don't have a scanner to read the tpms codes

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