Green Bay, Wisconsin
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I ordered 4 tires may 2nd and by may 20th had still not received them,so I called pep boys and they could not figure out why my order was not filled so they said they would check into it.two days later may 22nd I received a Email that the tires will be shipped.Well today April 11 Pep boys declined my REBATE for 1 tire if Purchased Before May 7 which my order was in and paid by my credit card on may 2 which I should have received 175.99 REBATE 1 tire plus a 50.00 Gift card from Falken Tires.They declined my REBATE because they screwed up my order and filled it on May 22nd,instead of May 2nd when I bought them.PEP BOYS DIDN'T STAND BY THERE SCREW-UP AND DECIDED TO SCREW ME INSTEAD,THIS WAS MY FIRST PURCHASE FROM THEM AND WILL DAM WELL BE MY LAST.

Monetary Loss: $226.

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Are you complaining a year later or what! It is only May 10th now!! :x :x :x :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

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