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Took our vehicle in for several repairs including an oil change. After terrible service and a number of trips back to get them resolved we come to realize the oil change was never done and we paid for it.

I would not let them ever touch another vehicle we own. when we called to complain each time we were told just bring the car in and we will check it out.

Now that we found out they never changed the oil or filter we called and where told yes we did do an oil change. We have the filter that was just pulled out but at this point nothing will be done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I change my own oil on all of my vehicles. I would say for the first thousand miles I can tell that the oil is not used.

And, certainly for the first few hundred I can see that the oil has a color and clarity resembling a shade of honey. It is certainly not black or dark brown.

I would have to agree, you can tell if your oil was changed. If you do it properly.


Its a little thing called and oil filter. Most places do change an oil filter that is a pretty good indicator. :grin

Allgood, Alabama, United States #146451

Exactly how is it that you know the oil was not changed? You state that you made "a number of trips" back to Pep Boys before realizing that the oil had not been changed.

If you are reaching this conclusion because the oil on the dipstick appears dirty forget it. That's what oil does! It cleans the engine!

New oil will look dirty after 10 or 15 miles of driving.

Also when an oil change is done, not all of the old oil is removed and subsequently mixes with the new oil. Are you new to driving?

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