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I had an appointment at 10 am I drop my truck off to have rims put on I got a call at 20 after 12 telling me they need a 6$ part and they won’t have it till 5. I assumed they were working on my truck because o had an appointment they hadn’t started on my truck I had to walk or pay uber to take me home I had other things to do today.

My whole day is ruined because they did not notify me until 2 1/2 hours after my appointment time. This is horrible no Custer service at all. I even ordered my rims through pep boys I guess it’s becayse I’m a girl they think I would t be offended. I am so angry with them how can they treat a customer like that to assume they have nothing else to do.

Customer service is zero at this place. At least have the curtesy to contact customers o had many errands to run in the afternoon now I am stuck with no vehicle had to pay uber to bring me home and won’t get anything done today.

Shame on you for treating customers so bad I’m very angry. Appointment times mean nothing to this place

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

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Here we go again, woe is me I am being treated unjustly because I am a female. Equal rights now a days Babe!!!

You get to wait like everyone else. BTW learn how to spell

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