My wife took her Cadillac in to have the brake pads replaced, Pep boys convinced my wife to have the rotors replaced on a car with only 43,000 miles and took 12 hours to do the job. Less than two days later my wife had to push the brakes all the way down to the floor to stop the car.

she called and they said they didnt have anyone to work on the car and to have the car towed in the next morning. She took it in anyway. After inspection they showed her a cut in the line on the front passenger side where all the brake fliud had sparyed out. cut was where the line connects to the pads.

now they are telling us the she must have run over something that got up in the tight spot and severed the line and if they dont find anything on their cameras, we will have to pay for the repairs...i dont know where to even begin with these idiots. i guess i am calling my lawyer.

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The line is on the caliper genuis and not on the brake pad. Just cause its a caddy does that mean stuff dont break it just a overpriced GM.

Obviously the line broke after because if it was during the repair the brakes would not work at all and a infant would have noticed as soon as they picked up the car duh! And your lawyer cant do nothing but smile cause your gonna pay him for a case you cant win .

So how much money do you lose now? Learn about cars

Centereach, New York, United States #648927

Bottom line is, Pep Boys only hires C grade Apex Tech dropouts as "mechanics". You take your life in your hands when you let one of their monkey near your vehicle with a tool.

Like Sears, their "mechanics" are paid on a salary & commission basis. The more repairs and parts they sell you (that you don't necessaruly need)the greater their paycheck...AND the greater the bonuses received up the food chain of management.

Don't get suckered in by the perception that Pep Boys offrers greater value. In the longrun, you LOSE!!!

to bob11784 #943967

C techs but yet you took the car there I have had repairs done by them and the dealer and its the same *** they all go to the same schools and same trainings dealer only focuses on one brand they work on all brands and cheaper for than the dealer. Maybe its your car?

You cant turn a lemon into an apple for 200 bucks.

Lmao get real go to the dealer so they can sell you some b.s. most ex employees from pepboys are service advisors at the dealers and they got fired for being dishonest....


Oh my!!! I bet they are scared now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are calling YOUR LAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :x :x :x :x

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