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I took my car in the day before vacation. My tires were low and wanted new tires for safe driving.

I had 4 tires installed and took the car home which is 2 blacks away. The car stayed in the garage until I left the next day for vacation. I drove to the turnpike and got on and accelerated to highways speeds. From 48 through 70 this car shook in the body and the steering wheel shook.

I drove until the first rest stop and thought my roof carrier must be the problem since this car never acted this way before. I removed the cover and jammed all the stuff inside the car and left the carried at the rest stop and got back out on the highway. The vibration was just as bad so now I just threw away my carrier and now I'm afraid to drive thinking a new tire is bad. I pull off and wait several hours until a tire center opens.

They find all 4 tires unbalanced and say 2 tires took lots of weight. It took care of about 80% of the vibration. I drove 13 hours with this vibration. My wife and kids were sick to,their stomachs from it.

I lost my early check in fee I paid because I sat several hours waiting to get the car looked at. I called pep boys and informed them of what happened and was told bring it in when you get back and we will check it out.

I drove another 13 hours with this thing vibrating and called pep boys the next day. The original guy I spoke to was not there so I explained what had happened and was told well you must have bent your rims the day you left here and took you car home because it was fine when it left here.

I said so you telling me I damaged the rims in 2 blocks and he said yes you must have hit pot holes or something. I said I'll be right over. I called and filed a complaint with pep boys complaint line and walked into pep boys. The guy at the counter explained there was nothing they could have done to cause this vibration but to make me happy they would check it out.

After bit the guy comes and gets me and say well you have 2 rims running out of round so I said how did it happen and he said I can't answer that sir. I said I never had a vibration until u did tires and again was told I can't answer that sir. I said how did you not pick up on it when the tires were installed last week? And was told because they were fine last week.

I said so how do you explain the vibration being 80% better after I got the tires balanced 24 hours after you installed the tires. The place I took it too said all 4 tires were out of balance. He said all I know is that it was fine when it left here and I don't have an answer for you but to make you happy we will replace 2 tires for you. I said for what?

He said to try and make you happy. I said that's silly to replace perfectly good tires isn't it? He didn't answer me. The had taken the weights off the 4 wheels and did a balance again.

I was pretty pissed and their comments and how they handled me. Rather than say lets get it in and see what's going on the immediately told me its my fault. I let pep boys and took the car out on the interstate. The vibration is gone from the properly balancing the wheels.

I called back and said if you would have done it right the first time you would not have heard from me and made my drive on vacation miserable. They cost me a rebalance, a storage roof carrier, and the early check in fee to a total of 900.00. I will tell everyone that will listen to never go there for anything. I own 3 cars and they have lost all my business.

I will cost them thousands of dollars on lost revenue I guarantee you that. I own my own business and have lots of contacts that know I was on vacation.

Wait until I tell them.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #709074

When they told you your rims were out of round, that's an immediate BS banner. Pep Boys has absolutely no means of determining if your rims are round. Only a machine shop has the tools to do that.

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