Gambrills, Maryland
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I took my my truck to Pep boys to get my AC fixed, they did a AC systems evaluation.

said I needed a air compressor & refridgerant ( shop fee $35, remove & replace AC compressor $114, evacute recovery $45, 134a refridgerant $62, air comp. $209, deluxe re-charge $107., and $17 for pepguard limited extended .)

all in all , I paid $530.82 cents and the A/C still doesn't work , they told me they can't fix it, & don't want to tie up man hours, so take it to the dealer. thats what they told me. I am pissed


Monetary Loss: $530.

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Here is the issue , now I have to take it to another place to get it looked at, and any Mechanic worth his weight will do a systems check then try and fix I will have to pay to have it fixed twice.thats not fair , and thats all I ask for ( at least give back the old parts so that a real Mechanic can determine if I really needed a new compressor


Laurel MD store 0072


What location and where did this occur?

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