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I took my chevy malibu 2000 to pep boys(red lion and blvd,phila,pa) last week cuz there was smth wrong with the fan,the car overheated. the guy infront charged me 54 $ for the diagnostics, and the next day when i called to find out if they found an issue, i was told they needed to run another diagnostic for a 100$.

i agreed. the next day i had to call them,cuz no1 ever called be back and i was told that i have to wait till monday to find out the price of the detail i needed. on mon i called again! and they still were not able to tell me the exact price.Finally the next day they ordered the detail and i was promissed that it would be delivered on wed, and the car would be fixed in a day or two.

i wasnt even surprised when no1 called me back on thur(that the deadline when the car had to be fixed), so i went there, and guess what i was told: call fri morning cuz theres a bigger issue than we thought!that when i started to loose my parience. on fri,they said they cant fixed it, and i have to take it to the chevy dealer,so i can pick up the car. i went to the store to pick it up, paid 154$ for the diagnostic with no repair!!!sat in my car, started it(tho motor sounded really weird, with intervals). it never sounded like that before!i was kind of worried.

when i put it on drive the car wont go!!!!!i tried 3 times!the same!it stopped and wont move!!the guy who "took care" of the car all these days wasnt even there(his name is Josh, so be awear!!!) and he didnt even pick up the phone!another mechanic suggested to tow the car to the dealer and fix it there(really??u broke it and now i had to tow it??) or leave the car for another day!ppl, u cant even imagine how pissed off i was, i was almost having a nervous breakdown!i brought the car with 1 problem and now had 2(if not more!). and moreover the gas tank was empty,bt when i left the car there was half a tank!!!!where is my gas i wondered!!!dont ever take ur cars to pepboys!they will break them and rip u off!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

Monetary Loss: $154.

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They diagnosed the car but couldnt fix it and they told u that, they even referred you to a competitor. you walked out with only a $154 charge. consider urself lucky

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