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We were on a big road trip from Quebec to Oregon and back, we stop in Utah to ski for 2 weeks and had a badluck with our car. My car is a toyota echo 2000 with 150 000 km a really good car.

We came to your shop because the car was doing a weird sound. We came right when the sound start. They told us that it will be 20$ to chek it but they were pretty sure on what it was already, and that reperation will take around a hour. They told us as well that they need chek it first and make sure wich is gonna take around 30minutes, but they didnt had time before the day after 9am!

So we show up the next morning at 9 (thinking that we would be able to go skiing in the afternoon. So we left the car make the car, came back and they told us that it was the alternateur donut something like that ...exactly the things that they tought it was, and he also said that it would be around a hours to fix it! Then we asked the lady at the counter how much would it be? And she said that she had no idea yet...

So we went for breaky (1hour and half) came back.. They havnt started the job yet because they didnt had the piece yet? Wich they didnt told us about. Then we asked that lady again how much would it be, she said that she had no idea again..

So we went back for an another (hour and half) doing nothing... Came back and told us that they start doing the work (3hours and half after) but they break a screw because it was rusty.... Ok right it was rusty, but you know when its rusty than you dont tight the screw as tight as when it's a new car ? No?

Oh yea and I didnt mention my dad is a mecano so when I left quebec, he unscrewed all the screws to make it easier if something happened... Anyway they told us at that point that it would not be ready whitin 2 hours, then we asked AGAIN to that useless lady at the counter how much would it be, she said that she had no idea again, and she is being super unpatient with us. So we walk back home and came back 2 hours later, they told us that it would be ready in less than a hour... So we waited in the waiting room for another hour.

And then the car was ready (6HOURS AND HALF). We went to pay, we had no idea at all how much it would cost because that girl was being super rude with us, because we were asking a simple questions. So time to pay, 245$. They actually changed us the 20$ of cheking even if we got it repared ?

How does it make sens nobody charge that. I was super mad to pay a crazy surprise amount of money. But happy to have my car ready to go, so we started the car... My car was doing another noise, completely different that the one before?

So I went inside again and the guy said that the car was doing it already when he took it, wich is not true at all... But anyway he told us that he wont do it went we are gonna be driving, just when we start the car so we went to the zoo. Start the car again to leave the zoo and the craziest noise of like knoking under the car? So we went back, ask to talk to the "manager" he came and we looked at the car told us that it was to rusty that we need to change almost the whole car....

So anyways we left because we didnt no much about it neither. Two weeks later the car was doing crazy sounds again shaking knoning all over the place... So we went to another garage (a place that they actually know what they were talking about) they told us that the muffler was badly reaplaced, so the muffler was knoking on all the other part of the car wich was about to break another piece of the car.. Whatever they replaces it and we had to pay to make it fix...

Afted paying a crazy amount your team in Salt Lake was not even able to fix my car they even break it more. They had no idea what they were talking about. So I hope that you guys are gonna be able to make something happpen, I didnt want to write a review on google right away I wanted to know if you guys were able to do something before. If it's not for me it's for the other.

You can be 100% sur that I will never ever told someone to go to you shop, for whatever they need because I never had a as bad experience then that!

No custumer deserve to be treat like that. Ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Car Repair.

Reason of review: everything was bad.

Monetary Loss: $245.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Total stupidity, Slow job and no repairs, Useless staff, Tooks forever, Didnt even fix my car.

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