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One of the Pep Boys drivers, who works for the Salem, MA location, blew through a red light and totaled my family's car. They nearly killed my husband and 2 small children.

Pep Boys has a cheesy insurance company and we cannot get anyone to talk with us, let alone cooperate with us. We called Pep Boys location in Salem, MA to discuss this w/the manager and he hung up on us. The Pep Boys driver received 3 citations and one of them was "driving to endanger". We have witnesses and the policeman on the scene told me husband that if the accident happened a second later, my husband and our children would be DEAD.

We need Pep Boys' insurance company to pay for a rental car (now that we don't have one) and we need them to pay the related medical bills. We are forced to pursue legal action. I really wish Pep Boys would run a thorough background check of the illiterate people they hire.

The driver who hit us is known to the police and is a drug user. Please be careful when you deal with this company, and avoid the Salem, MA location because you are dealing with uneducated low-lives.

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@no one: my young children are having nightmares and afraid to ride in cars. That's what I mean by emotional suffering!


"emotional suffering"? :cry :cry :cry


@jj - I have spoken with someone in corporate at PepBoys and they confirmed that the driver was fired. Thank God.

They are also going to discipline the goofy manager who hung up on my husband (according to Facebook the manger and driver were close friends, so I'm sure the criminal background check was not done).

@ mustanglovermark: You are a riot! We found out that PepBoys is self-insured and the insurance company listed on the police report was their supplemental insurance for claims over $250K. We finally have a rental and were promised that the deductible would be reimbursed, as well as any medical expenses.

Luckily my husband & sons had no physical injuries but the emotional suffering on the part of our children is a different story. We have consulted an attorney but we hate to go that route unless absolutely necessary.


They preform a standard MVR and full criminal back round check AS well as a drug test BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE IS HIRED! I used to be a store manager call 1800pepboys with any issues


@joe sounds like they were hit by a car in traffic with no plans to go to pep boys learn to comprehend... no offense...

i would do a background check on the driver... i would film them driving for a day if you are able... if pep boys didn't do their due diligence... then i would think they were liable...

get an attorney or at consult one.... you could always try to get the local paper or TV / radio station to do a human interest story or parade back and forth with a sign and check with the police about where you would be allowed... then call the paper / TV station... that'lll probably get you spome action....

good luck... there are plenty of ways to get your point across go get em tiger RAWR......


That is the way it is with big corporate . Places like pepboys hires idiots so they can pay them 10 bucks an hour.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Next time take the car to a reputable dealership.

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