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My wife ordered new rims for my truck, I told her to surprise me. The rims were delivered to the Stratford NJ store and were mounted and put on.

I picked up my truck and paid my bill. 3 weeks later I get a call that the rims were not paid for! I was dumb founded and confused, I looked at the bill and I paid for the service but there was no charge for the rims. I assumed when she ordered them on line that she paid at that time.

Now being a defense contractor my home time is limited and I forget something like this. My youngest daughter plays soccer so I try to fly in for 1 or 2 games a week! Long story short he threatened me with with legal issues! The manager's name is Jessie and he was quite rude.

I have talked to my lawyer and they say I may have a law suite for harassment. Well I will say this, between my truck, wife's truck and daughters car I spend about $3,000 a yr there! Well for now on I will use auto zone, firestone and/or STS tires!

Pep boys is not the only game in town.

Reason of review: screwed up billing.

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There isn't any manager there by the name of Jessie, or anything close. There hasn't been ever. At least not since spring of 2014.

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