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My son who is a Marein went to a pepboy shop,and asked them to check out the rear end on his car.They told him all kind of things that where wrong with his car.He didnt need that he need to know if the rear end on the car was out.Oh will we would need to check it out if it is or not.Thats what he was told.That is so dumb.He asked for one thing and they gave him a long list of things that he all ready new.And for a new rear end its going to be $2000.The car is not worth that.So he called home,my husband got very mad,to make a long story short,anything was done.They didnt even put oil back into it (cause it would have just ran right out)There was no hole he just needed to go 15 min,more and he would be by a friends.Yes i`m sure the seal was out but they still could have put some in.

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this sounds like a million issues i have heard of before . If pepboys had put the oil in , they would have been the last people to touch the car and your son , would have had a new rear end courtesy of pepboys


Ignorance is no reason to complain. if he wanted fluid he should of bought it and payed some labor.

If he wanted only the rear end checked he has the option of saying I dont want the general inspection that gets done to all cars to keep our custumers safe and informed. What are these people crying about


sounds like u had a major leak from one of the seals in the rear end putting fluid in without fixing the leak would have been dangerous for other drivers on the road rear end lube is very slippery and the epa is very strtict on things like this.a tow truck would have beeen a good idea if you can afford repairs.that truck would have been slinging grease everywhere!


yeah what the heck aer you tryin to say...


uh what?

i having trouble understanding what you are trying to say...

your husband got mad and then didn't put oil in, and the rest i don't get.

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