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My experience with Pep Boys

7/10/13 Wednesday 5:15 P.M. – I notice flashing clock and poor starting. Go to Pep Boys Buy new battery and it is installed by Pep Boys. Waited on by Mike. Installation complete and I start to leave. I turn on my a/c and notice it is blowing through the defroster vents but the *** is set to the dash vents. I return inside and notify Fleet Mgr Mike of the issue and am told by Mike there is no one available to do the diagnostics on this issue and that if I return Wednesday before 5 pm that he will ensure that there will be a technician available.

7/11/13 Thursday 4:30 P.M. – Return to Pep Boys and meet Mike in the parking lot. He indicates that I should wait there and goes inside. After a few minutes Brian comes out to speak with me. He advises me that there is no technician on duty that can deal with my issue. He also states that he has seen this issue previously and that they probably just need to hook up a piece of equipment that will allow the technician to re teach the trucks computer about the actuator, no problem. I tell Brian that I was told by Mike to return and that there would be someone there. Brian said “I don’t know any anything about it sorry there is no one here. He says “When can you be here before 5 P.M ?” and I said Sunday. He says “that will work. What time can you come in?” I said I would be there at 9:00 A.M. He said “Great I’ll have them ready for you.”

7/14/13 Sunday 8:45 A.M. – Return to Pep Boys and wait for opening time. The gentleman that originally installed the battery ( I don’t know his name) noticed I was waiting outside and said he would advise the manager that I was there. Pat the service manager comes out to talk to me and says no one told him anything about this issue and that the A/C tech did not work weekends. He apologizes for the inconvenience and says he will have someone call me on Monday.

7/15/13 Monday - No call

7/16/13 Tuesday – No call – 5:00 PM – I return to Pep Boys and wait at the front counter for 15 minutes before being acknowledged by any staff member. After staring over the shoulder of another cashier while she helps a customer pick out seat cover colors, Pat helps a customer. When he finishes he turns around and finally acknowledges me. I ask if he remembers me and he does. I tell Pat hat no one ever called me as he had promised and he said he had left notes for Brian to follow up. I express my displeasure at having been here four times so far with no resolution. He says excuse me I will discuss this with the store manager Raul. I observe Pat and Raul discussing the issue in the stairwell to the elevated manager area. Pat returns and asks can I leave the vehicle and I tell him I cannot as it is my only transportation. He then asks when I can be back before 5:00 P.M. I let him know that Thursday at 4:30 will work but I was getting tired of coming back over and over without resolution. Pat says that Raul “the big boss” was aware and would ensure the issue would be resolved.

7/18/13 Thursday – 4:25 P.M. - I return to Pep Boys and speak to Mike at the front counter. He says just a moment and goes to the customer waiting area. Raul comes down to the floor ad approaches asking me if I need help. I said I was back again to have my A/C issue looked into. He says “What happened? Tell me.” I retell the majority of the above to jog his memory (please note the bold portion of the 7/16/13 entry). He then proceeds to tell me that changing the battery had nothing to do with this and the diagnostics would be laborious and time consuming ( please note the bold portion of the 7/10/13) probably 2 to 3 hours. He takes my keys and I wait in the customer waiting area and watch the ½ hr of inactivity on my truck. It is in the first bay next to the window so I have an unobstructed view. Finally a technician opens the hood, checks the fuses, hooks some equipment to the truck and leaves. After approximately 45 minutes total (so mush for the time consuming labor intensive diagnostics) Raul comes in and says the actuator failed three weeks ago and Pep Boys is not responsible. I told him that it worked when I brought the truck in and when I got it back it did not. He said the equipment said otherwise. At this point I’m feeling somewhat misled. I stated again that it worked when I brought the truck in and that I knew it worked as my wife has a little dog that rides on the dash board and I shift the air to the defroster to accommodate the dog. I said that I did not believe him to which he replied “it is the computer not me, I didn’t know anything about this”. I said that I had watched he and Pat discuss this on Tuesday and he said that had not happened, I told him they had had their discussion in the stairwell and that Pat had come back and let me know that Raul would oversee and follow up on the issue, He replied that he had never had any discussion with Pat regarding this issue and that they should have delt with this on Tuesday as the technician was there. So I asked him why I had been jerked around so much when this was apparently so easy to take care of? Once again he lied to my face saying he new nothing of the issue. His only suggestion was that I take the truck to the dealer and that if their diagnosis was different “he would take care of it”

What faith can I put in a man who just lied to me multiple times let alone the company he represents. I feel as though this entire process was by design to make me give up and go away. This guy knows full well that I will be charged a substantial amount by the dealer to have a diagnostic done. And I believe, based on his previous behavior that if I have this done he will deny ever having the conversation or making any promises to fix the problem.

The resolution put forth by Pep Boys was to refer the complaint back to the store that screwed it up in the first place! I get a call from Brian, the guy who told me to show up on Sunday when they apparently didn’t have the proper technician scheduled to work, and his solution is the same as Raul the liar. All he wanted to do was repeat the problem was not Pep Boys but I could take it to the dealer.

My solution is to share my story with any one who will listen. Pep Boys employs folks who will lie to you, *** you around. break your vehicle (perhaps to drum up more business?) and then tell you it’s not their fault. Save your money, save your time and save the agrivation!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #709067

I wouldn't have left until I got my battery installation money back.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #707825

ok pardner, i am going to assume your truck is around an 05 chevy or other GM product, such as GMC on either a "C" or "K" body 4x4.(NOTE i am an ASE certified Master Technician)and YES DISCONNECTING THE BATTERY WILL CAUSE IN SOME CASES THE VENT ACTUATORS TO DEFAULT TO INSTALLATION POSITION, which means the the potentiometer in the motor that tells the computer where the position currently is, is off the copper, so it doesnt know where it is at. the computer locks them out to prevent damage.

the fix, an OE level scanner, with VIN entry mode that will connect with control module in the AC system, just initialize the connection between the scanner and controller for the AC and it will AUTOMATICALLY reset the actuators, i do it 4 or 5 times a week, takes about 5 minutes. oh, and PEP BOYS IS A SCAM AND THEY ARE ALL INCOMPETENT THIEVES!!

Parker, Florida, United States #701380

I can imagine the stress this insanity caused. Rest assured dealerships will break your vehicle as well to drum up more business.

Miami, Florida, United States #688379

is a scam pep boys does this so you go back and charghe for it.

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