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I have a Kiwi BlueTooth OBDII Diagnostic tool which tells me live fault codes. It faulted No.6 Cylinder Misfire P0306.

I've got many years of knowledge with auto and aircraft maintenance...I troubleshot the situation and found the ignition system working perfectly...had new wires...plugs and coil replaced a couple weeks concern was it may be a cylinder compression failure. So, I needed to have this checked. I went to Pepboys located on Merrick ave in Jamaica Queens NY and informed the lead employee in the service department of my findings up to this point and asked him to perform a No.6 compression test for me...I just needed to know if the cylinder compression was within the performance limits and if it was holding the pressure without any drop-off. Simple enough request...right?

Well, the employee told me it doesn't work that way with Pepboys...that they will run an engine diagnostics for $89.00 and tell me what their findings are...and then they will proceed further after that. I looked at him, raised my eyebrows and said thats not what I asked you to do...I'm giving you instructions on what I want you to do and I will pay you for that service. Once again he refused my simple request and attempted to get me to agree to a $89.00 diagnostic I already have that information.

Anyway, I told him never mind. I will purchase a compression gauge from your the test in your parking lot and then return the tool for a refund when I have my needed results.

End result...the cylinder along with all the others were reading and holding search goes further and have solved the problem.

I returned the gauge for my refund and saved a lot of money in the process. He would have ended up charging me for a diagnostic test plus more...a compression test maybe?

These people sadly are working class just like the rest of us...and are trained by corporate Pepboys to rip everyone off...stay away...

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

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Albany, New York, United States #578569

They have since changed there whole diag system but the way it used to work an "engine diag" was $90 and told you exactly what was wrong or just a compression test is roughly an hr labor so around $100. Being that tour compression was good that would have just been $100 down the drain.

You have to think let's say its a easy 4 cyl civic, spark plug labor is .6 hrs so an extra .4 to compression test isn't that bad.

The tech is only going to get about $20 of it and my compression tester was about $150 and not used very offen. Who's really losing in that one?

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