Miami, Florida

Some years ago I had a puncture in my car (it was new). I changed the tire and went to this Pep Boys. They fixed the tire and changed it back. Happy camper (at that time)

Back to the present:

Two days ago I bought new tires in a different shop (first time since I bought the car) and when they were going to change them they discovered that I didn't have the wheel lock so they couldn't do it. That wheel lock was in there the time that I changed it. Somebody in Pep Boys stole it

No big deal, I went to a VW shop, bought another and went back to the wheel shop. 40 dollars.

For 40 dirty dollars one Pep Boys employee put me in risk. What if I have a puncture in the middle of nowhere???. I know, I don't have proof but you only have to check the reviews: it's not the first time.

I don't know if I feel more pity or shame.

Don't leave any belongings and check the wheel lock nut.

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