Templeton, California

Pep Boys advertises buy 3 and get the 4th tire free. That is only partially true. They give you the tire alright but charge $55 for balance and a $98 warranty that is about as good as nothing.

Unlike Discount Tires guarantee which is good for the life of the tire Pep Boys is good for 90 days and then prorated. big deal These guys don't tell you that up front.

Crooks they are I tell you they are Crooks. They try to sooth your feelings by giving you flat repair and tire rotation. I think I shall have them rotated every week.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

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get real, any and every tire company has warranties and they are all prorated, you think your going to use 50,000 miles on a 60,000 mile tire and get a free warranty. Just someone else trying to get something for free. where do you work?


Our feet should do the talking. Only patronize the business that won't do bait and switch.

Look at Pep Boys stock drop more and more every day. They will go out of business soon.

By the way the options are not an option if you want your mail in rebate! Read the fine print, "full package purchase necessary to qualify".


It's 55 to balance all 4 this is a 1 time charge and it's included in the 98 for warranty matter fact 98covers valves balance disposal and road hazard. Yes the tires arn't free there prorated big deal 60 dollars credit from a warranty you paid 6.99-12.99 for how isn't that fair. Read your fine print and yes it's a rebate because they play the game that you won't send it in but that is what helps pay for the tires there giving you you should see the cost on these tires profit margins arn't as high as we would like.


FREE !!l lol really you must be like 10 years old...a grow person would have seen that one coming...balancing and road hazard is optional you can say NO if you paid for something you didnt want then you are as much to blame as they are and oh by the way that lifetime gaurantee you talked about at discount tire will never happen if they really did that they would have to close the doors if you think its true buy a tire use about 75 percent of the tread life and see if you get a new tire for free..........NO............you get what you pay for


Never trust Pep Boys. Good idea, have them rotated and balanced once a week.


$55 for balance and $98 for road hazard warranty for one tire? i think i smell a fish.

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