Bayville, New Jersey
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Went into the Pep Boys in Toms River NJ for an alignment and check engine light. I had already pulled the code from the computer for the check engine light.

They charged me $80.00 for diagnostics when I already told them what the code was.I arrived at 0830 am and had 1 vehicle ahead of me.As i sat waiting the mechanics could be heard through the glass windows cursing, using the "F" word repeatedly, and laughing and joking around.They hardly had time to work on the vehicles.Every word out of their mouths were f this and f that.meanwhile other customers arrived and commented on the bad language being used, including women with small children. It seems like they did not know they could be heard through the glass.Anyway after being there for 4 hours they finally got the part needed ( had to drive 2 towns over to get the part from a Jeep dealership when there is one right down the road) then started on the alignment.I did not get out of there until 5 hours later at 0130 pm. All the while the mechanics ( ahem, loosely used) joked around and goofed off. It seems like there is very little if any supervision in this repair facility.Then had the nerve to ask me to fill out a survey.

I would not recommend this facility to any of my friends or family. Totally unexceptable and a waste of 5 hours!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

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even worse, now my engine light is back on two days later.after $380 the problem is still not fixed.I took it back to them this weekend and after a few more hours they decided they could not find the leak and told me to take it to the


Pepboys should shut down thier services, they have retarded workers.

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