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Took car in foe a fuel pump, they installed pump and it was defective so they removed fuel tank put it on the ground next to the car, the mechanic then tried to jump start the car in the next bay causing a spark that lit the fuel and burned the side and top of my our car. Its been 8 days and I still do not have an answer about them coming to the plate an pay for the repairs.

The adjuster Michael after 3 days has not completed estimate and submitted it to Pep Boys. Very poor system for dealing with damaged they caused,

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Branford, Connecticut, United States #126856

Alpoll and Jake,

Alpoll if you will contact the customer support line @(800)pepboys. If you look at bottom of your receipt you will find other ways to get help.

I am sorry that you had this happen to you, and we are committed to taking great care of our customers.

If you have any problems getting resolved then post your name, phone number, and the store location. I will see if I can help you with it.,


I work for Pepboys, thats why I am their number 1 cheerleader. I wear adult diapers and enjoy eating bugs. And last night I defecated in my hat.

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