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Went in to have the Gold package done on my truck while there the manager came out and said, "Your transmission is bad shape; the oil is so black and chalky. My mechanic said if you don't get it flushed and oiled today it could go out on you in maybe 50 more miles." So I paid for what I asked them to do and when I got the truck out I parked it check the transmission oil and it was perfectly fine.

So I walked in told the manger get your mechanic out here now or I go in after him, then you when I am done with him. Well he hopped is little self back there quick and got him. Mechanic goes outside with me I showed him the oil and he said. "Let me guess, my boss said I told you that if you didn't get that done your transmission would be shot real soon." He confirmed that once Pep Boys went to this new manger they have been forcing the employees to sell things they don't need.


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When they started to test the commission program they lost 40 service advisors in the Texas market in the first week of the test.

Nobody wants to be the devil, or worry when it comes to feeding their family.

They then started hiring from outside instead of promoting from within for all positions in all markets.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #23200

Pepboys is general is the worse place you can ever take your car.

All of the stores are bad.

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