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District manager Andy Valle has ben around pep-boys for about 30 years and

probaby too long, his way of managing employees is by threads, "either you like it or I'll fire you" Thisman is too much of an old school individual... But yet this man has preferences over certain individuals which are allowe to get away with most things!!!!

Mr. Valles way of making things happen is by insulting and degrating

employees, this man is head it to be the cause of the next major class action lawsuit for PBY.

This man should not be running a district for this company and probably should no longer be employed by such!

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Riverside, California, United States #1269298

Ha. Maybe if you learned how to spell people would take you a bit more seriously. Just sayin......


It is just no in la the district manager Will in Las vegas is also a tool head. He manages the same way.

My husband workd for pb for 15 years and he drove my husband into almost having a stroke. He had the nerve to tell him that he might not be able to go to his daughters wedding unless is numbers where up. 5 people quit after he resigned and there are more on the way out.

The new person is doing worse and he lets him get away with doing nothing. Pep Boys sucks because they condone this behavior.


my husband works for pep boys. i am in very poor health.

my husband decided to get us on his insurance since we could not get medi-cal. i do not work but get nothing from the government not even a nickel in food stamps we make it solely on his income and by gods grace we are scraping by month to month oh and my mom helps us out every month if she can afford to anyway i have not been able to find a job because of my severe limp. people just don't hire people with impairments. well so we get on his insurance and we pay 116 every two weeks just for the medical insurance in one year we gave them 3000 dollars.

after a month or two of having his *** insurance we wanted to opt out but could not until the next enrollment which was a year later so we had to stay on it we got to use 600 toward our healthfund i got sicker i had to see a doctor then i made the mistake of going to emergency room now i am getting all these bills we are going into debt. my husband is good and he goes to work there everyday and gives his life and time to a company where the fat corporate greedy *** know nothing or care nothing for the little man it's so sad. i wish there were more people out there so we could sue their *** i mean why should we have get stuck with all these medical bills. the 3000 we put in should go toward paying off my bills but no it's going in their pockets.

i do not know how they can sleep at night.

what comes around goes around they think they are getting away with it but the man upstairs he's always working on it and he knows what is right and that is in whom i trust. i just wish i could talk to the ceo in charge and tell them to stick their lousy benefits up their *** that's all i want from this my husbands co worker his wife was always sick they are much older than us they are losing their home because of the hospital bills it's just so sad and frustrating


Very well said!




After having worked for Pep Boys as service manager for 15 plus years, secured fleet business that continued to drive sales most years double digits and even on the slow years single digit increases, when the rest of the district was underperforming. I had a district manager every year until my release.

I was caught up in a policy violation which was explained in detail, but loss prevention being the advocates for policy, followed the policy to the letter. I was terminated. I have no ill will at the company and in fact that was the best thing to ever happen to me. Where I am going with this, the tactics that 2nd line supervision have been utilizing for years, is drive sales at all costs.

They claim to be family oriented business, yet working 7 days a week and wanting the all mighty dollar is what they expect. All business must drive sales, but in order to achieve the best, they have to treat their employees with respect and dignity that all humans deserve. The company lost it's steam with Bruce Chidsey leaving the service business. Then it continued it's downward spiral with chopping the head off of every manager that they could possibly find in order to appease stock holders, The old saying "He caught a bullet" was all too common place.

Meaning somebody promised something they couldn't deliver and he was eliminated. The truth is that putting a BOOK RETAIL EXEC. into a Mitch Lebowitz old position has done nothing but continue to lose out on the back bone of what once fueled the ship, "The SERVICE BUSINESS". No training departments, and when even area trainers have had to become a district sales managers because the company no longer wants to make repairs.

The company wants JIFFY LUBE profits. Hardly a business to make money, short of the story. Select the right coaches, give them the ability to select the right team, give the team the flexibility to grow and mature, and yes I believe the opportunity to make things happen is there. Get your air freshner, motorcycle geriatric sales people trained back up to be a service oriented parts counter, quit worrying about building the competitions service business by APD and focus on your own service business.

I have been away from service departments for about 7 years. In just writing this story I feel sad for the Regional Managers who don't realize that the service repairs were choked by their own inability to keep good people and build the business. The reality is "People buy from People".

You want your business and sales prices back? Get the people and entrust the people to do just that at the store level, quit hiring guru's who sit in a office and still haven't produced.............

Jonathan OKC,OK

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