Fort Stewart, Georgia

i work 4 pep 4 2years i seen managers do all kind of illegal *** clock in go 2 other jobs come back clock out seen managers give away product for phone#s dont take care of the techs till techs wannan leave seen white verses black wich sucks thats why pepboys is borderline broke since jeff rocher left every ones chief and no more indians they let ralph jordan go cause he stood up 4 what write thats why one day all thiere stores are gonna be on auto pilot with no one 2 run them *** take care of those workers who take care of the company yall dam idiots you gotta spend money two make it and it starts with employees

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I agree. You have a wonderful ability to express yourself.

If you pay this much attention to your work you're just plain dangerous.

As a technician I see the fruits of your labor all day long. The majority of your hard-working buddies are just plain butchers who don't give a ***.


I is a colledge gadurate.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46566

How the heck did you get a job when you write letters at a second grade level. You have some nerve calling people *** when you write a terribly written letter like this. If I were in your situation I would not say anything bad against them incase you lose your job, because the way you type you will be lucky to find another job.

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