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As a pepboys service manager once upon a time.I feel that all pepboys does is use there managers to get there stores back in Black and then Find some excuse to get rid of them.I was a manager in a bad store.which I wont say which one and I brought the numbers up like 29% overall. Then the retail Manager whose numbers suck never has a word said to him about his numbers.Sounds like a little bit of brown nosing going on.all I have to say is do not work for pepboys they are a company who uses people the gets rid of them for no reason.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #65183

I must say I agree. I am in management position at a pepboys service dept and I brought that store up from negative to double digit positives.

But never was there a raise given nor a sign of appreciation other than a "good job". Employees are treated like peasants and untrained and very very understaffed.

They want us to always mind customers and do our best yet when we stay a single hour overtime we are scolded about it and threatened to lose our job over it. What kind of business is this?

And then the CEO sits high and says we should dedicated ourselves to customer services? Come on Mike wake up will ya?

There are those of us out here who try and try but until and unless you get rid of those incompentent DM's who could care less about customer service... you're not going to be back in black except for pepboys funeral.


Aren't you the service manager in San Francisco that got fired for stealing all the Tinkerbelle and Hello Kitty air fresheners?


:cough: paul deluna AD of north san diego :cough:


:cough: paul deluna AD of north san diego :cough:

Selargius, Sardinia, Italy #58432

It's obvious that Pep Boys comes on this website and writes trashing comments after people complain about them. Just one more reason not to patronized them.


They are just a bunch of hood winks



You are correct with your comments.

Pepboys has always been known to do this. Its all about the AD's covering their a##es.

If the company would look closer they would realize that its not the store, its the AD they put incharge of them. I was a manager for 5 years with pepboys and daily I has to listen to the AD cry because they didn't want to look bad in their bosses eyes. I have been in the retail buisness for 20 years and never seen such incompetent AD in all the years until I started at pepboys.

Its really a joke and I am glad to see pepboys going under. Hopefully we will see store like the ones in Indiana closing soon..


Move on and quit whining.

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