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i visited pep boys on the corner of cold spring and harford rd in baltimore md around 10:30 saturday the 17th to have *** in my tire repaired. after waiting about ten minutes to speak to someone at the service desk, the gentleman informed me that the nail that was causing the leak was located in the sidewall.

this confused me because the nail was clearly located in the surface of the tire that contacts the road. when i expressed my confusion the gentleman became offended and confrontational as if he was annoyed that i was questioning him. i understand that there may be guidelines as far as where and how a tire may be repaired, but this gentleman's behavior was something i would expect from a street-thug, not someone who should be dealing with the public. i live literally two blocks away from this pepboys, and will gladly tell my neighbors, friends and family about my poor experience today.

i had the tire repaired at a location not five blocks away for fifteen dollars and it took about five minutes.

the tire works fine. the attitude i experienced from this individual today disgusts me, to say nothing about the cleanliness of the store, which is dismal.

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he wanted to sell you a tire, balancing and alignment. when you questioned his findings and resisted the switch pitch, he realized that he can't earn a commission off of you. good judgment on your part for taking it somewhere else

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