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I was in the Marlow Hgts store on 3-14-2012 to perchace tires & rims,everything seem to be ok, until the next day when I heard the hub making noise, so I desided to put my old hub back on,I went to get my lock key,Myron Stevens (the so called specialest) hadent put the lock key back where I kept it,but all the while I am prepaireing for a $15,000 deck job in Ga.the next day, this was on wednsday,thursday I called the store to see if Myron knew what he did with the lock,(he had no idea),friday ,I went back in the store to talk to a manager to see what could be done,because I didnt want to travle 950 miles and not be able to change a tire if i needed to,the asst. manager told me to come back on saturday at 8:oo am to get the locks removed, but he nor the person to remove the locks were there,all the while this is a 30 mile round trip from home to the store,so I called the home owner to let them know my problem,they said they understood, butmy word was given to a start & finish date,since Icould not keep my word, I lost the job, this is my company and this is how I make my living.

what I need to know what can be done about my wheel locks, and to make sure this never happens to anyone else in the future.

thanks I think... Mike

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This is very old I know. But your a *** for losing out on a $15,000 job due to a silly wheel lock.

Chance of a flat is super unlikely.

And if rather risk the drive for $15,000 then lose it. You sir are a ***



This seems to be a big problem at these stores and on behalf of the employees at Pepboys I am very sorry! The company seems not to want to address this. I as a service adviser have tried to address this and have gotten nothing be grief about this

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