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My husband and I were having car trouble. We thought it might be the battery.

We went to Pep-boys knowing they test car batteries. Our intention was to have the car fixed there no matter what the problem. It was about 8:30pm on a Tuesday night. The front store was open and had quite a few customers.

We pulled in the back where the mechanics were working. There were about 5 boys, who couldn't have been old enough to drink, standing around talking. My husband parked the car and walked up to talk to one of the boys. He inquired about having our battery checked when the young boy rudely told him they were closed.

My husband tried to ask if we could leave the car to be worked on the next day but the kid just walked away. We looked at the car service hours and the sign said they were open till 9pm. My clock said 8:37pm at that point.

My husband wanted to go in the store and talk to a manager but we decided we didn't want that child anywhere near our car. Instead, we took our car to a Gulf station to be repaired the next day.

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MIKE, my pal. I know your a child & just learning to read.

Try sounding out the words I wrote. If the mechanics followed the rules, according to your standards, we would've gladly gone to the service advisor if told to. Unlike you, I can read, so a sign pointing me away from the *** would've helped. We didn't show up last minute.

It was 30 minutes. They were still open! Open till 9pm regardless if that kid was off the clock. And your theory of another customer being ahead of us makes no sense.

Read it again & pay attention.

We wanted to leave it there overnight. Normal people wouldn't describe that as "coming into the shop last minute & demanding immediate service."....just you.




High volume shops can only afford to hire young punks to do the low level jobs like tires, oil changes, and batteries. Stay away from these low level employees because they have no authority to do anything.

Go straight to the service writers. They run the show, and work on commission, so they are hungry for your business.


Mike, I notice you answer all of the comments on Pep Boys. Maybe you work for them? Pep Boys is a rip off and EVERYONE knows it.


sorry pal but it sounds like u were the child. U showed up to the store last minute - ever occur to u that the guys u saw were off the clock and maybe - just maybe there was at least one customer ahead of u. Also u say ur husband walked to the shop - customers are not allowed in the shop and any auto shop tells its mechanics to speak to the service advisors instead of coming into the shop last minute and demanding immediate service.

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