Phoenix, Arizona

My name is Jonathan Lloyd. I attempted to utilize the services with your company, Pep Boys # 0748. Located at the corner of 75th Avenue and Peoria Avenue.

I originally went in [2/12/11] and advised them (meaning Brian Goddard) that I had a severe vacum leak. I explained to him that this vacum leak actually affecked my vehicle's braking capability (2001, Ford Escape). He advised me that he would examine it and get back to me.He advised me that my rear brakes were in need of repair. I advised him to have them replaced and repaired. He did so.

However, with vacum leak so severe he wished me to leave the vehicle at the "Pep Boys" location (7440 West Peoria) as he thought that the vehicle was not completely safe. This was a result of the vacum leak, atleast that is what I am thinking.

At this time we discussed my vacum leak and he advised me that he could have the correct compoment needed, delevered by Thursday. That satistactory to me. A simple vacum line.

I accepted this suggestion and was sastistied. Later I was advised that the item in question was to be available on Friday. I was pleased and made arraigements to have my vehicle delivered early morning Wednesday. However, I had an urgent family problem that I was required to attend in California. I was unable to attend to my vehicle's repair. However, I was informed that the vacum(s) that had been ordered were present and ready for installation.

I called Pep boys and advised them of the situation about my son. They understood and I re-scheduled my vehicles repair for Saturday. the 19th. A Saturday.

I was able to remedy the family problem in California. At 7:15, Saturday Morning (2-19-11) I was at store number 748 to have my vehicles vacum leak repaired.

I left with Brian Goddard. He advised me that he would contact me with a finalized estimate to repair my vehicle. THAT WAS 7:31 am. 2/19/11.

At approximately 1:30 pm. I called Pep Boys and I was advised that the part was on backorder and they were unsuccessful in repairing my vehicle. Even though I was led to belief that the parts were in and my vehicle was going to be taken care of.

I advised them that due to weather. I expected to be picked up and delivered to the store. At which time "Brian" advised me that the part, (Ford Part Number YL892E-498fA was on backorder from Ford. Also this backorder was going to talk 3 months to fill.

Why did he not contact me? He had my phone number. Why did he not contact me and tell me that he did not have the part, and advise me of the backorder situation.

I had to call and find out the situation of my vehicle. Then I was made aware of the problem.

I think you need to talk to these people. I am sure that they will find excuses. However. I have no faith in you people again. And I will post my opinion in my company newspaper. Along with a copy of this letter.


You are liars, cheats, and dwell on individuals who trust your name. I could give you more on your store right up the stree. But you would not believe me. I thought I would give you one last shot. You are nothing but liars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Vehicle Inspection.

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Sounds like poor customer service from Pep Boys...


They should have advised you that you are a *** ***! I hope you crash that piece of ***!


And your nothing but an over grown cry baby!!!!!!! WAA WAA WAA !!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry

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