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I went into Pep Boys to buy 2 tires for the front of my 2008 Pontiac G6 on June 7, 2013. I only wanted to BUY TWO (2) TIRES.

The man behind the counter told me, that upon inspection, 1 of my back tires was new and the other had metal coming through. I still only wanted to BUY 2 TIRES, THAT WAS ALL THE MONEY I HAD SET ASIDE FOR TIRES -- ENOUGH FOR TWO!!! The man behind the service counter told me that "by state law (I live in Texas), they had to put the two new tires I wanted to purchase on the back of my car and the two tires I already had on the front of my car, thereby knowingly placing a bad tire on the front of my car just because I do not want to buy three tires! I didn't know what to do.

I was in a bind for money, tires, and time. They saw that and fully took advantage of it. I foolishly believed the man. I thought 'if it is state law, then it doesn't matter where I buy my tires and Pep Boys is in every major city I travel in'.

So I bought them. I paid for an extra tire out of money I was saving for something else. Then to add insult to injury, they charged me for DILL Tire Pressure ($23.97) and Gumout Pro 1Step FS ($9.99). I did not know about the DILL before I paid for it.

I understand that I am paying for installation, but the installation was not broke down for me AHEAD of time. I did not find this out until after looking at my RECEIPT -- issued to me AFTER I PAID. I went back to the store on Saturday June 7, 2013. I questioned the DILL Tire Pressure and the store manager told me that it was the electronic tire stem and that they had to replace it as part of the new tire installation.

My dad went to Discount Tire for two new tires and they said they did not have to replace the electronic stem. His truck is a 2012 - newer than mine. So there is another lie told to me by Pep Boys. I questioned the Gumout Pro 1 Step.

I do know know what that is nor did I ask for it. The manager refunded me the $9.99 for the Gumout. I then pointed out that the alignment was supposed to be $69.99. I was charged $79.99.

The manager refunded me the difference of $10.00 for the overcharge on the alignment. The store manager also admitted that it was in fact a store policy not a state law. I ask to see the supposedly bad back tire. They had difficulty finding it because they had put the tire on their resale rack...

the very tire that I was told was so bad it had metal coming out of it. I took the tire with me for a spare. I am absolutely disgusted with Pep Boys and regret stepping foot in that store. I would not have purchased that third tire if I would have been told the truth.

If I were told that it was really a store policy rather than a state policy, I would left Pep Boys. I believe the manager and the parts department knows that people will leave and that they had rather lie to make a sell than tell the customer the truth and risk blowing the sale. I should have known there was a problem when I went in to get tires and there was no wait because there were no customers in line.

I feel so *** for trusting the service department at Pep Boys. I will not make that mistake again.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Houston, Texas, United States #685816

I 100% agree with you as they just *** me over too. Took 2000 civic in and needed the brakes redone, they told me the problems said that was all of them after 2 free brake inspections and i said ok.

After they installed they said the lines were also bad and another 600$ to fix, I looked up all the parts and talked to several mechanics all saying the work could be done for half the price or maybe even less. I am in process of getting a lawyer as I said I am not paying for the work they did after i asked if that was it and they said yes.

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