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I brought my car into pepboys to get a front wheel alignment and they told me that my oil filter was put on backwards (not possible). That I needed it replaced and needed my system flushed.

They suggested new struts and that they were making noise. I was complaining of my brakes squeaking (still are) and they said they didn't hear it, but the struts did make noise. Since they installed new rotors a couple of weeks ago, my front end brakes are vibrating if I have to use them hard. this wasn't happening before that.

My car is STILL pulling to the right. I talked to the manager and he stood by the "backwards" filter claim and wants to have another look at it to correct the alignment since he noticed that it was noted on my record that the steering wheel was off, but wasn't corrected with the alignment. How can I trust a place that lies to me about the filter and can't fix the squeak in my brakes after looking at them THREE times!

and they added a new symptom! I've never had so much trouble with one place.

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i went ti pepboys on oct 19 to get a inspection .pepboys fai;ed the car and said i needed a harmicoe balacer thats not even inspectable.any way called state plice and they pass me.pepboys suck

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