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I reported on 12/28/2011 at 10:20 am, case # 99797. According to their online customer issue system guidelines, the expected response was 48 hours. As of 1/3/2012, I have not received a call or written response from their company. The following provides the details of the complaint along with attachments of the price matching guarantee which was not honored. Needless to say, the lack of response further escalates my frustration with their customer service.

I am very disappointed in the poor customer service, lack of responsiveness, wasted money and invaluable hours of time that their establishment have cost me. I called the Marlow Hieghts store on December 24th approximately 3:30pm and spoke to Anitra the customer service rep., I told her I had my own tires and I wanted to know if they would fit my car. Anitra placed me on hold came back and said that they would fit. I also asked what time they closed and if they would be able to install, she said they close at 6pm and they would be able to install them. I arrived at the store at 4pm to have the tires installed only to be told by Victor that they would not be able to install my tires and I had to wait until Monday. He said if I would have communicated to them my tire size he would have let me know that they could not do it because the tire tech was leaving at 5pm. After talking to Victor and Anitra they came to the conclusion that it was a communication error on their part and they were sorry however I had to wait until Monday to have the tires installed.

Very upset and displeased because not only did I have to order my own tires because Victor would not honor the price match guarantee which Sears sold the tires $100.00 dollars cheaper than Pep Boys, now they had me come all the way up there and he did not want to install my tires. I immediately left the store and contacted Shawn Patterson the customer service guy and explained to him what was going on. He immediately called the store and called me back to tell me to go back to the store to have the tires installed. I agreed. I went back to the store had the tires installed only to find out an hour later the tires do not fit. After being told the tires would fit and two and half hours later being told they do not fit I decided to leave the car and come back Monday morning for them to put the old tires back on the car.

I arrived Monday morning 9:15 am and was told the tire tech was not in and they would call m e when my car was ready the customer service rep told me that they could probably switch the tires around, put the new tires which were in the front in the rear and place the rear ones in the front, I was fine with that and told him to call me and let me know. I r eceived a call at 5pm from Tanya the customer service rep stating my car was ready. I asked her what did they actually do? Tanya placed me on hold and came back to the phone and said they switch the tires around.

When I arrived at the store Tanya said the total was $49.95, I agreed since they did put the new tires on. I asked her where the old tires were because I wanted to keep them for spares. I met her around the back where she rolled out the set of brand new tires with the tire tech Jesse who noted they were no good because something on the car had been rubbing them and was tearing into the tire. To add insult to injury Emanuel another technician admitted to driving my car, not knowingly damaging the brand ne w tires. By now I am livid because I was charged $50 dollars for nothing! I have a set of brand new tires which your store damaged and are useless to me! Further, if I did not request that the tires be returned to me, they would have been trashed. I asked to speak with the manager and was told "no manager is available and to call the store on Tuesday".

This ordeal over the holiday weekend has cost me a great deal of frustration, time and wasted money. What place of business handle customers with such little regard, respect and adds to the frustration by not honoring their guarantee and not taking any immediate action to resolve an issue that escalated. Instead, tells a customer to contact the manger the next day on an issue created and perpetuated by their wrong doing? This is unacceptable service.


George Buckmon

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Installation.

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hahahahahaha you're an ***, thanks to your stupidity I had a good laugh, hope you get nothing!!!! maybe next time you'll buy the correct size :cry :cry :cry :grin


I don't understand why you had the tires installed at Pep Boys in the first place. You bought them from Sears, why didn't you have them install them?

Or any other shop without the HORRIBLE reputation of Pep Boys?

You are obviously one of those people that just always seems to have this type of experience aren't you? You were already upset with their service because they wouldn't match the price, so you bought them somewhere else but still wanted them to install them...What was it about this store that made you think you would have a good experience?


If you're gonna bring your own tires, maybe you should make sure they fit? Do you bring your own eggs to the diner and then complain about the way the omelet tastes?

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