Newark, New Jersey
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brought mt truck in due to shocks rotted (under warranty) fought with them about the life time warranty ,they tryed charging me $89 to change a shock i ran back to the store and then things changed sorry our mistake then oh we don't have them in stock'i make an appointment and lose a days pay while i watch the so called mechanic,sit and B S with other mechanic in the last bay then he would walk to my truck and try to attempt the work and walk away (there is only 2 bolts on the shock) as he can not figure this out so i get the manager to talk to him now its 2 1/2 hrs later still don't have the shock out (what a joke),i told them let me show him how to do it since i was a mechanic in the past they said no, what a surprise then they told me he was having a hard time since they were put in wrong i laughed and said guess what they only go in one way and your guys put them in so don't bull *** me, i will never go back and i may even put a sign on my truck to warn people to stat away and i have not got a return response from customer service it,s been 1 month SO PEOPLE STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND YOUR CAR

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is the spelling better STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE AND YES THE SHOCKS WERE BOUGHT THERE so are you one of the pep boy cheerleaders who want's to work there


It is their, not there...and tried, not tryed...maybe if you made an attempt to word things properly, others may be able to understand you. Odds are you acted like a brat and they didn't want anything to do with you.

Did you buy the car from pep boys? When you get a car and it is under warranty there are certain places you have to take it, you can not just take it any place you want

to Anonymous #807767

I'd love to read the sign he's going to put on his truck. :grin

"stat away frum pep boys i tryed them and there no good"

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