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I took my 1994 Ford Explorer in to fix my driver's side window since the motor went dead. Thinking it would be easily fixed, I got my quote, and thought it was a done deal.

Just had to wait for the call to pick up my car and pay the bill and say thank you. This was 6/22/2013. Well its 8/24/2013 and the window is not fixed, but got a new motor. But the window still does not go up, and I took in my car 3 different times only so the window would come up slanted, slowly moving up.

Called Richard and mentioned to him about the problem and he states I thought there was something wrong with it. Ok, if you knew something was wrong with it, why did you give me the car back with a statement that it was ready. Richard states it must be a defected part, and to bring it in and they will take care of it: I made an appointment for Sat at 11.00am. That did not happen, and I had to wait.

They put the new motor in and stated I also needed Dorman window regulator. I said ok, just get the window fixed. I got the call Monday that my car is ready, but still the window was coming up slanted. I Brought the car back in, and Richard stated that some part that holds the window in place disintegrated.

Ok Richard,now what? Well, they were going to use strong glue to take care of the problem. Yeah right I told Richard, but he claimed it will hold forever. This was my 3rd trip to Pepboys.

I picked up the car after it was overnight at the shop again, and as I roll the window down it had the same problem with the window being slanted. The employee was there and said, "I forgot to tell you not to use the window for 24 hrs." I said well that's great, what is it going to take to get my widow fixed? I called Richard 3 times waiting for him to return my call : nothing. So I took the car in 8/17/2013.

This is when I got to meet Gene, Service Manager, and he told me they could not put the window together to work correctly, but to take it to any Auto shop of my choice & get an estimate to fix it & Pepboys will pick up the bill. Boy that was a joke, Gene was never there to answer my call when I was at an Auto shop. To top it off, none of the auto shops wanted to touch the car after PepBoys worked on it, and they could see the door panel was not put back on correctly. And somehow, through the duration of this Pepboys problem, I now have trouble shutting my car door.

What a coincidence. Was Gene there to answer the phone? No. I did get a message from Gene saying he was going to give me a refund.

I called Gene 8/24/2013 and you could tell the difference in his tone of voice... We cannot put together your window but we will give a refund of $407.dollars, and he told me to get the window fixed somewhere else. I told Gene it's going to cost more because of all the mistakes his crew made, and he looked at the work order to see the brakes had been done also. Thus, the refund would be less.

So now Gene is going to do the paper work for the Insurance company so I can have the claim #. We will see when that happens. Also, Gene gave me the excuse that the car has 174,000 miles on it and therefore can't fix it. What does mileage have to do with a window?

And what must one do to get their window fixed? My question is, is there anyone out there who can put a window together, when they have the ability to replace a motor yet lack the skill in sufficiently fixing a car window?

If anything, Pepboys has been incompetent.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Replacing a window motor is something any self-respecting backyard mechanic can easily do himself in less than an hour. You probably have friends who would've gladly done it for half the cost in a fraction of the time, and with far more respect for your car. I'm one of those people.

You just don't go to Pep Boys for this kind of repair (in all honesty, you don't go there for any type of repair).

Orange, California, United States #706656

I guess Manny, Moe and Jack days are over!!!! sounds like they are covering there error & have the guy running around to get his window fixed.

Just be honest Pep Boys, you can not do the job and instead of of using glue to patch up the error you guys made. To save Pep Boys name if not to late get it fixed and post it how you guys help a customer. Oh well wish him luck! and where is this place?

to make sure if anybody was planning to go there : I can tell this story & about Gene & Richard they lie to to you to get the $ and not fixed the vehicle.

Read other stories about Pep Boys and seems like a work ethics for them. :( To bad

Costa Mesa, California, United States #706250

Another reason to stay away :x


Man, Pep boys needs to get their act together...it's a window, and if they knew they wouldn't have been able to fix it, they shouldn't have tried. Hope your car gets fixed soon! I feel your frustration.

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