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A little background about myself: My dad is a very good mechanic back in South Carolina and has always taken care of my car so I have never paid a dime for anything. That being said cars are not my thing but my dad has always given me good advice about what/where to go and not to etc. He even warned me about pep boys and the overpricing but eventually agreed with me that I like to move around so much I needed a mechanic that was not mom and pop, that was everywhere and pep boys seemed like the best option because in my profession I never knew where I would live and work. All in all I’m a grown man and I needed a loyal mechanic what would take care of my car and make sure it was safe no matter what city I was in or what the problem was. A mechanic that didn’t nickel and dime me to death and give me the run around.

So three years ago I went to pep boys in South Florida to get new tires and I also needed my car aligned which was not cheap at pep boys. After it was all said and done with the new tires, warranty, alignment, oil change and other little fees that added up I paid over $900 for everything. I also went there for numerous things from more oil changes, to tune ups, radiator flushes, new fuel filters to even paying for the big one a new fuel pump (something my dad could do in an hour that took them 5 hours). I could keep going on about the amount of time, money and “service” they provided for me which was well over $3,500 in less than 3 years. Many of these services provided were at different locations in south Florida and I could never understand why you get a customer loyalty card for pep boys but it is only good that ONE pep boys that you went to. They could never pull up my vehicles history unless I knew the store number or where it was worked on or the address which was always a hassle. I still don’t understand why they can’t share information and pull it up by your phone number like they do with the stores you go back to. Long story short I saw all this coming….

So why the “formal” complaint? Well this started almost a year ago when I got a flat tire in south Florida and could not go back to the pep boys I purchased the tires from. Somehow this was a mistake on my part because I went to another pep boys to get my tire fixed and they almost would not change the tire because we couldn’t figure out which pep boys out of the 20 or so in south Florida I purchased the tires from or find the receipt with the warranty information. I had a warranty saying they would rotate and patch my tires for free so they say… So we finally figured that out and the guy looked at the tire and it was a large hole that he claimed he could patch. I told him I was traveling far and wanted a safe tire even if I had to buy another one. He convinced me it would be safe and not problems so I let him do it and paid some kind of $20 fee that should have been free. I then drove from south Florida to Rhode Island only to get back 8 months later in Orlando Florida to my tire flat again. I checked the pressure regularly and that same tire always was a little lower.

So I took the tire to pep boys in Orlando and was told “it needed a new tire because whoever put the patch on there should not have and instead they put like 3 patches together which is unsafe and we can’t do that at pep boys.” I couldn’t believe it, I really didn’t care about the money I was just happy to be alive at the time but I replied that pep boys did that so what now? Needless to say I was unhappy that I had to waste more time and *** a half day of work so I didn’t have to pump up that tire anymore... then he gives me the bill of $97? I told them I think I shouldn’t have to pay after what I was just told and he (MIKE @ STORE NUMBER 0120) said well we already gave you the road hazard warranty even though we don’t know where you purchased the tires. I knew I had the receipt somewhere but didn’t know at the time. So they pretty much made me feel terrible for giving me the warranty benefit and not knowing the address from over two years ago. They didn’t care to make it right or even *** any fees at all which would have gone a long way at that time. So he pretty much tells me that if you are not happy sir call the corporate number. When I called and pressed 2 for customer complaints and the number said it didn’t exist anymore and it hung up on me please check this!!! So I called a different extension and someone from pep boys said they forward this to corporate and someone would call me back. So a few days later the person that patched my tire in south Florida called me… if only I could explain how awkward I felt. So I pretty much argued for 30 minutes with a mad person that had a claim on his hands and nothing was resolved, I was told to get any help with money I would have to come to that specific store that was 250 miles away. So I sucked it up and paid the money to the store in Orlando because I needed a new tire. I also asked them to rotate the tires and when I got home I realized they did not.

At this point I gave up and was tired of explaining myself and said never again fool me once………. Then a week later I get a call from a machine asking me if my claim had been resolved “press 1 for yes and….” Then it asked me if I would ever shop at pep boys again I said no and the machine hung up… great customer service.

So this is where it gets even better, a month later I got ANOTHER flat on the same NEW TIRE so I went back to the same pep boys and once again thinking the road hazard warranty would take care of it. It did not because it was a small hole in the side and for some reason I had to pay for it because and it couldn’t be patched. I told Mike I feel you guys owe me one and this is not right. So after I explained the deal to the first guy, then reminded Mike AGAIN, then his Manager they acted as if I was finally in the right and they would work with me. So the store manager says he would take the $53.60 off for the tire and I was happy. When I get back he gives me the bill and it went from $90 to $77 and he said the manager left. So I said well what did he *** the bill because I thought that charge was off as we just agreed. He said “we took off tire handling charge ($2.50) and wheel balance charge ($10.49) oh and we rotated your tires for free… “ The icing on the cake, they didn’t even put my tire underneath my trunk where the tire mount is…. They just threw it in my back trunk all over my stuff….

I almost couldn’t breathe I was so angered. Not only did I argue with someone a month ago that RISKED MY LIFE and didn’t care, I went back to the same company because it happen to be right up the road and the same thing happened. I have never felt like this before and can’t even speak so I came home and started typing my thoughts. Maybe nobody will listen but I just want anyone that does to know this story. If you want a loyal trusting mechanic that will listen and not nickel and dime you only to give you a bogus 1-800-WE-HATE-YOU phone number then pep boys is not for you. If you want a company to make you think they are giving you free stuff when its already free then they are for you!!!! I am sure pep boys could fix this issue as I am very easily pleased but I know they won’t and simply do not care.

Just wanted to share… thanks for tuning in ?

Kind Regards,

Jody rogers

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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