Mountain Rest, South Carolina

Pep Boys gipped me out of $75 and I want my money back. I took it there for computer check because my engine light was on. I wanted to know what was wrong with my engine. They said they would put it on the "machine" and tell me what the matter was.

All I got for my money was I needed four new tires and I needed to replace my belt. I asked about the engine light. "You need a catalytic converter. We don't do that repair here."

"Well, what about my doom light that stays on or the car door 'open sensor' when all the doors or shut draining my battery. What's causing that? And I keep having to replace the coolant in my overflow tank. What's causing that?"

He just looked at me. And went back to where my car was.

Later, someone else came and told me my car was ready. On the way home, I kept hearing a ping under my hood. Checking up under my hood, I saw they left a rag. Next day I consulted another garage was I told I needed a water pump that's why I had the noise under my hood and was loosing fluid.

Pep boy personnel are not very courteous either.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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They need to be informed of what issues you are having then they can diagnose them. Just like going to the doctor for a cough then saying what about my knee that hurts, if you are up front with people they will usually treat you like a valued customer

Yuryuzan', Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #22342

there is no such thing as a "machine" that tells you EVERYTHING that is wrong with your vehicle. the machine that they hook your car up to is an obd 2 reader which pulls the codes of your check engine light. then they will do a visual inspection of the motor,trans,ect.

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