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yes you can get $10 dollars of free product after you buy about $100 or more at pepboys. they e-mail your rewards coupon,but it is no good because it has no barcode on it.

you have to call in person and wait up to three months to get your reward. dont waste your time because you will only get frustrated trying to collect. on top of that, they dont have the best prices either. and their service is not very good.

also im pissed that you ask me so many questions that you need 100 words. good bye.

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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #926172

program is bull ***. Was there when it first started...

lol what a load of ***. have to wait a whole quarter for any reward to be issued and good like trying to stay on top of that. Why should I have to wait for you to issue a reward when its been earned. First of all its a *** store credit for christ sake.

and you want me to wait 3 months to get it and by the time I get i dont *** need it, I of course for 3 *** months have been going about my bussiness living my *** life and circumstances dictate that I cant follow up on a *** 10 dollar reward and hope for some corperate *** *** to activate the *** $10.00. Mean while I must have earned well into the hundreds in rewards and well to say the least I maybe had the luxury of cashing in on $10.00 one or two times. *** you pepboys rewards cust. serv.

reps. and *** Pepboys. ~Long time.... Loyal....


IE seems a whole lot easier when the clerk asks are you a rewards member.... No... *** *** to the no...! And I dont want to be.


of course... I am


I have personally helped hundreds of costumers with rewards cards... and everyone has gotten their gift cards soon afterwards...

never had a problem...

plus its after 200 points. That you get a 10 dollar gift card.


I think this program is great....using a gift card today from them to buy a power steering pump...free




I agree with Chuck. You are a ***.


You are a ***. I have a rewards card and have used about $300 in free gift cards already. It is probably the most straight forward plan out there.

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