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F150 towed to Pepboys store 697 in Albuquerque, NM because entire right front brake was destroyed.

First thing Asst Mgr Abel Nevarez asked what is wrong! "give me some parts so I can enter the order." After order entered mechanic went and put down all needed parts. I also asked for an alignment.

Job promised at 1:44. done at 3. Reasons: waited for long time to get a tube from another Pepboys store in Albuquerque. Had to be reminded about the alignment.

Assistant store manager did nothing. They have NO managers.

Never again to that chain. Website is down.

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Trzin, Trzin, Slovenia #14010

You guys drive your cars into the ground and expect us to perform miracles in minutes ... how about 1, maintain your car preventatively 2, let us perform at our pace ..

you don't working any faster than you need to right? 3, be reasonable, your perfect at everything you do....obviously not or you wouldn't be bringing your Ford truck to Pep Boys...and the alignment, if you were rushing them, go *** yourself

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