Corona, California
Not resolved

Woodland Hills Pepboys the worst. Car broke down power steering pump replaced was there for 6 hours they informed me then compressor was frozen.

they were in such a hurry to leave for the night they backed car up and said they would look at it next day and would call no one called went down there next afternoon still hadnt looked at car took them 3 days to get to it. gave me a quote said ok and work would be done later that day. 1 day later manager was in hurry to leave but made me pay for repairs anyways. I stayed to pick up car.

mechanic hands me keys said Im ready to go mentioned I was going to AZ he then said one of the machines were broken so he couldnt make all the repairs, yet I paid for it. No manager around to get money back or indication of what repair needed to come back next day. 6 days total still not fixed. Pepboys is more concerned about getting home and out of there.

My car is still not fixed. Wrote letter to Company with receipts, wrote an email to consumer relations. Still no word 2 months later. Horrible company, shoty work, flaky Service Reps and company service.

Would never recomend.

Too many car repair companies who want and respect business.

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