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Re: Customer Care Case #147804. On 11/16/12 I had my vehicle towed to PepBoys in Laurel, MD for a crank no start.

On 11/17/12 I went to the store's shop authorizing the repair of the timing belt and was told it would be ready by 11/18/12. I called on 11/18/12 only to be told it would be ready on 11/19. Arranging a ride to the shop that evening after confirming it was ready, only to find my vehicle unlock near the back of the shop in the alley w/ the dome light on. After paying $494 I drove off on 197 and my car lost power and shut off twice.

I'm pissed at this point b/c I've never experienced a loss of power before this repair. I restarted it and returned to the store. As I was driving up the hill leading to the shop, it shut off again and barely made it up the incline. I complained to the service center, so they had someone else who could barely drive a stick look at it.

I was asked to leave it overnight, which made me late for my class! Talk about inconvenienced! I found a ride to pick it up my truck on Tuesday 11/20. While driving home the car was still hesitating and loosing power.

Once on the highway in 5th gear it ran better, but not fully powered. I called customer care to complain. The manager Tony called me back to make arrangements to bring it back in. When I brought it in, I test drove it with Andrew Mitchell.

Andrew agreed there was a loss of power. When we got it back to the shop the manager Tony denied this problem came from the newly installed timing belt, but instead went down a list of possibilities; catalytic converter, o2 sensors, clutch and more. I've replaced the converter, both upstream and down stream sensors and had the clutch inspected and it's still loosing power. On several occasions my vehicle has left me stuck on the side of the road.

I've exhausted all my tows thru my roadside assistance and had it pushed to safety twice. Finally my personal mechanic got the manual and compared the timing belt to the book. The timing belt is off by one to two teeth and the points are not lining up. I called back customer care only to be told the Area Director is upholding the manager's decision.

Outside of the $494 and time spent at PepBoys, this ordeal has caused me an additional $1500 and the car is still loosing power and hesistating. My next step is to take legal actions against PepBoys. I need my *** truck fixed properly!

I've paid for parts and service and my truck is still not up to par because the mechanic didn't line up the timing belt corretly!

Pissed and Boycotting PepBoys!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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