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Purchased a 2-guage 48 inch battery cable only to find that inside the plastic package was a 40guage 38" cable. This occurance wasted hours off my time because the product was either mislabeled or a lessor product than indicated was purposely substituted.

Tried to return product, but they wouldn't take it back unless I divulged a whole lot of personal information which I didn't care to give.

When I phoned 'Customer Service' at their headquarters and explained the situation, they basically didn't care that they were about to loose a steady customer over an $11 claim. This BTW was their store on South Lamar in Austin, TX.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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hey catalina, no disrespect intended, but that is not a worthy complaint. Even if they dont NEED ur information, its simply a store policy to collect customer information on any return, ESEPICALLY when the money is going back onto a credit card.

its not just pepboys that does it but every major retailer in the US and many smaller retailers.

When you go to do a return at WalMart the 1st thing they ask for is ur drivers lisence and without it they wont go any further. So why is it that people will complain about pepboys doing it, and not every other retailer in the country?


No Jason ... I don't think they put the wrong product in the package.

All they had to do was return my money! They don't NEED my name, they don't NEED my address, and they don't NEED my phone number.

All they needed was my credit card to make the credit & to check if it was the same card as I used for the purchase. What they do NEED is to learn how to talk to customers!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #91790

do you really think pepboys purposly put the wrong product in the must be an ***.sometimes the mfg makes mistakes, and you think its pepboys fault, WOW unbelievable. then you blame the cashier for asking for information,just like every other retailer in the country,just your name and address, wow thats in invasion of your privacy.the cashier is just following guidelines set by the company.its customers like you that make working in retail the hardest job.

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