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I had maintainance work done, installation of spark plugs, and the Pep Boys service manager informed me that they had problems installing one plug. I had problems with the same plug a while later and Pep Boys informed me that they would only cover the $16 I paid in plugs.

The problem is not the plugs, it was the inital install which cost me an additional $577.94 to have it corrected. Pep Boys values "Quality Workmanship".

They fell short and assume no responsibilty. I will discourage anyone from seeking car repair service to Pep Boys based on my experience in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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Generally speaking the reason they had a hard time installing one plug is probably because it was cross threaded in one time and now has kind of a dual thread pattern. Even if you run a tap in it it may never be the same. You need to mark that cylinder so that when it gets worked on that one needs special attention to run the sparkplug by hand before using a ratchet to tighten it completely.

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