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I took my 2002 Mazda 626 to Pep Boys in Laurel, MD for front brake pads. They told me it was my rear drums that needed to be replaced.

I thought it was odd because I have 2WD not 4WD. So I let him put the drums on. Immediately I heard a loud screeching noise, but he reassured me it would go away after 4-5 days. NOPE!

2 weeks past and I still heard it. I took it back and he told me it was a manurfacturing problem with the brakes. So I knew he was lying because I have never had problems with my brakes and my car was brand new when I bought it. I came back again the next day and someone else worked on it and all they did was put a bunch of lube on it to stop the noise.

Once it dried up the noise started and is even louder and my car doesn't always come to a complete stop! I paid $350.00 for them to destroy my brakes!

Thanks Pep Boys for all the unecessary money I spent and all the damage you have caused my car!

FYI.. I am seeking legal advice for loss and damages.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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:grin :sigh :zzz


do your own work then

Earlsfield, England, United Kingdom #52029

I'm sorry everyone isn't as smart as you are Sally!

I went to pep boys and had the same problem Jasmine!

So I feel your frustration with them.

Truth be told Midas and Tires Plus are both rip offs too. You are better off learning how to fix problems with your own car.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #51581

Go to a brake specialist shop, ***. Like Midas or Tires Plus.

There are plenty around the DC metro area. Taking your car to Pep Boys is like going to Kmart.

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