On Augost 04, I went to PepBoys's store in Plantation, Florida; located in 12251 W. Sunrise Hwy Fl 33322 to buy two tires for the car of my son. The first thing that surprise me was the policy because when you get only two tires you have to accept to rotate your new tires to the back of the car for safety purpose. When I asked about the reason the person in the front desk told me that the statistics shown that if you blow up a tire would be worse when the tire was in the back so it is better install the new ones on the rear part of the car. If I think about it, do not find too much reason about it, because, in the particular case of this car, a Nissan Sentra with a front wheel drive transmission, the traction going to the front wheels, at least 70% of the brake power going to the front wheels and the engine, which is the heaviest part of the car, is on the front part of the car. So if I want to be safe I have to get the better tires in the front part of the car because those tire are going to receive the most part of the work. After that thoughts, I only think that the policy was create to cover PepBoys for the claims of premature wear entire of the tires.

Even that, I accept to leave the car of my son with your store. After an hour and 45 minutes waiting, I was called to paid and get the car back.

I received the car and on my way back to home I realized that the steering wheel crooked. Big surprise becaude when I left in Pepboys the car before to replace the tires my steering wheel was completely straight even that my front tires were worn out. Right now it is about 15 or 20 degrees down in the right side. Then I came back to the store to request a correction on my steering wheel and the guy who gave me back my car and charged my credit car told me that the problem was produced because they put my old tires - in good condition - to the front part of the car, and if I wanted and wait at least 30 minutes he will assign my car with a mechanic to check the alignment of the car and that service will cost me some like $80.00 . I insisted with the correction of my steering wheel because I know that the rotation of the wheel never are going to change the level of that if you do not make some adjust under the hood of my car. Also, I wanted to talk with some supervisor but he ignored my request and keep his position to allow me to correct my steering wheel if I accepting the alignment. With all the doors close to my claim I decided get out of Pepboys and summit my request explaining my problem to Pepboys's customer service (contactus@pepboys.com). 

So far I did not receive any word about my clain, they do not give a ...... My car needed a two front new tires and that was the reason that I went to Pepboys. My steering wheel never was crooket before. Someone in Pepboys change the setting of my steering wheel with the deliberately intention to sell me another service. That is not a good way to do business.

The service Work Order was # 2130207 and the store ID #0376

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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