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This company is an absolute joke and take it from someone who was a manager there for two years. Other than the fact that they charge exorbitant rates and say "at least it's better than going to dealer", not by much, they simply have no idea what they are doing. The management team is a case in point. It is absolutely mind boggling how these people got these positions many of them couldn't care less about their own positions, they run the stores their own ways and don't even follow company standards. One district manager had the nerve to tell me "I don't care how corporate wants it, do it my way." A regional manager and I had this delightful abbreviated conversation:

Myself "I don't have the resources to do my job...."

Regional Manager "Well what we need to focus on is shacking the customer's hand"

Seriously?! I could have told him the building was on fire and he still would have told me to shack the customers hand. They wonder why their turnover is 42% percent, a figure from the mouth of the regional HR officer. They complain how much it "costs" to hire new people but they refuse to try and keep the people they have. I can't believe anyone would want to leave when all they do on conference calls is say "Well we tried, but I'll fire all of y'all if these numbers don't improve." That was a third middle manager.

It took them eight months to take me off their security list with their cheap alarm company. I guess it wasn't a priority to have someone with a ability to have the police out and fine the store $10,000 for each call removed from the list.

When I tried to have exit interview they said they were too busy, too busy "trying" to hire people to keep up with the flood of employees quitting. I will give them credit on one thing only. They motivated me to move on, I found a job where I can actually trust the people I work with and know we are not ripping people off at every turn. Avoid doing business with these company at ALL costs...

Monetary Loss: $62400.

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Middletown Township, New Jersey, United States #906648

I need a good hand shack.

Duluth, Georgia, United States #855021

I dropped my truck off about 11am for a starter replacement. I was told I'd have it same day.

I get a call at 3 saying it'll be the next day by noon. No problem. I'll get it after work (4 pm). I called on break the next day at work to just make sure it's ready.

No answer. I call SIX times. Coworker takes me in. Car is NOT ready.

What? No one thought to call and tell me it's delayed! No one answers the phone? How does a 5 hour job turn into this?

And let's not get started on inflated price. I'm a rewards member, my card was scanned, and I still had to remind them their website said the tow service to their shop was to be discounted for reward members.

I think they thought I didn't visit the site. Horrible experience.

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