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I took my 2005 Chevy Colorado to Pep Boys for front brakes, including new rotors. The salesman went into the system and quoted me the price, I agreed.

After 30 minutes I was approached by the salesman who informed me that the job would take longer than expected due to the type of front end on my truck. Price went from $289 to $661. Needless to say I was pissed. I spoke to the manager but to no avail.

He claimed the price quoted was an estimate only. Nowhere was there a sign at the service area stating that nor was I informed by him that it was only an estimate. The system should have known my vehicle and the type of work required to repair it.

I am self employed, and If I quoted a job price to someone than realized it would take longer than what I quoted than that is my bad, I have to eat it.

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Tallahassee Apalachee Parkway Store several years ago. I bought Monroe Shocks for my vehicle only to learn a year later that the shocks were not Munroe.

The Supv on duty at Pepboys acknowledged they were not Monroes but another brand he said was a 'sister' company. I asked another shop if that particular brand was any kind of 'sister' company, and that person said not at all.

None of this ' replacement of brand was mentioned to me verbal;ly or in writing.

They are crooked as far as Im concerned. I wont do business there again and advise everyone not to go there.

to Frank Woodland Hills, California, United States #994548

Hi just read your comment, yea pep boy sucks they guoted me a price for 4 tires when I came to pick up car it was over 500.00 like 555.00 really....anytime you have a problem you can go to the bureau of car repair for the state of california...


Are adults discussing an issue here or minors?


Any reputable service center knows the work involved for each type of vehicle. When an estimate is given it should not be a generic price, it should be tailored to the vehicle involved.

They know if any special conciderations are needed for a particular type vehicile.

As for legality of estimate vs work added on, just look at what happened to SEARS in the early 1990's in California when the Buerue of Automotive Repair (BAR) got involved and put them under investigation.


Another ***hole consumer. Why don't you learn how to do your own brakes?

It's not that hard, right? Maybe you should have had them look at the vehicle and then give you an estimate in the first place, like they probably advised you to.

Chicora, Pennsylvania, United States #204689

This is an unwarranted and a not completely true complaint. I know exactly what happened since have been service writing for auto shops for years.

The customer walked in without his vehicle and asked for a price on front pads and rotors. The employee said this is a %100 inaccurate estimate since we dont know if the car needs more work and stated that this is what the price will be if this is all it needs. The customer said okay, go ahead. The employee said we need to check the brakes first to verify if that is all it needs.

Once the brakes were checked, it turned only does he needs front pads and rotors, he also needs rear shoes, drums, and wheel cylinders. The employee called the customer and said that this is what it needs, this is the price, and it will take longer to do the work since it needs rear brakes. Listen tough guy, don't bend the truth about what happened. They didn't force you to get the work done you chose to.

I bet you asked for a discount because you have no money, and when they refused, you decided to act like a big baby and bash them on this website. Grow up, or get a batter job.


Pepboys? Those crooks know a lot more about ripping you off than fixing cars.

Its a huge gamble.

They'll get you for unneeded repairs and often mess up your car in the process. Not that they care about fixing your car.


I had a similar experience at PepBoys when taking my 04 Bronco in to have them fix the fuel gauge because it wasn't working...

Got my estimate for $80 some-odd bucks... Dropped it off... Got a call about 2hrs later saying that it would be $460 dollars because they have to drop the tank, remove fuel pump from inside, etc, etc... Told the guy that called me it was too much, went and took it someplace else. Got it fixed for $150...

Save the crying for your knitting circle.. It's called an ESTIMATE because they ESTIMATE what it will cost to fix it.

You DO have a choice, old man.


haha this is a good one an estimate is exactly what it sound an ESTIMATION of pads and turning's colorado has a nissan inspired "trapped rotor" setup which is design very different from other cars which only require the caliper to be removed for the rotor to be. for trapped rotors to be disassembled the hubs half to be removed from the truck which is about an hour to hour an half to dis & an re-assemble along with greasing everything.

the sales rep at the desk only gives an estimate of a pad service which the computer comes up with on its own without looking up labor to r&r rotors and its not like you HAD to do the work all you say is no and we put the wheels on. dont be ignorant


I work at pep boys and if you knew how to work on your own car that would'nt of happen. I bet you cant even change your own oil..... Lame :sigh


To mpizzo45: You're right on this one. Pep Boys sucks big donkey di** and they did try to rip you off like they do to everyone.

disgruntled employ: Learn how to spell dipsh** before you start bashing people.

No *** brake job on a normal car/truck runs $600+. None! The problem with you is this guy caught on to Pep Boy's tricks and saved himself a lot of headaches either way by not having the job done there.

Knowing the lack of attention, experience and non certifications most employees have at these auto repair stores, I'm surprisd any car that is serviced at these garages roll out in one piece. Let alone having the original problem repaired w/o causing a new problem.


you have the right to decline the price...we dont build the car or truck. gm does.

the complaint is with gm not pepboys we dont have a crystal ball to look into and know every vechile you just didnt want to pay to fix your truck like everyother pepboys customer... :cry


Is that your first time taking a car to a shop ,its always an estimate until you approve the work order...they can estimate that new pads R&R , new rotors R&R might be 300 bucks before inspection , but once a technician does his inspection and reveals that you have hard pull rotors that require a bearing re-pack plus for all you know your caliper slides or piston was stuck , yes the estimated price is going to go up , thats the whole point of an estimate , the price is subject to change once the technician finds what problems really exists...Besides its an estimate if you dont like the fact that it jumped 300 more bucks then dont approve it , tell him put it back together and back it out , go somewhere else just to hear the same outcome....


im a ***


Hey disgruntled, just because you lost your worthless job as a grease monkey don't take it out on me. How to repair breaks on a vehicle was not on my list of importance when I purchased it, maybe if *** mechanics like you would be honest and up front about repairs and not try to rip everybody off I wouldn't have to worry about simple types of repairs done to my vehicle.


the reason the price went up is because you have to seperate the bearings from the hub and next time you purchase a car concider if you can afford the maintenance on the vehicle you poor *** dumb ***!!!!!!!!!!!


If the sales tech informed me that the price is subject to change after inspection of of my truck than that would be a different story. That did not happen, nor is it posted anywhere at there service desk. The manager did offer me $10 off, give me a break!

to mpizzo45 Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #648655

Maybe you should look up what a estimate means? Out of a couple hundred cars how is that advisor soposed to know exactly what labor time your car calls for the brakes without looking at it.

Im sure he gave you a initial estimate or quote then pulled the truck in and inspected it and found that it needs more work. 80% of cars have the same brake labor time your car unfortunately is the other 20% that sounds like your problem.

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