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I purchased snowchains for about $93.00 from Pep Boys. Turns out someone gave us their snowchains so I didn't need them.

I went to return the snowchains at Pep Boys and they tell me there would be a 20% "restocking fee" even though the snowchains were unopened and unused. In other words I would have to pay $18.00 for them to "restock" the snowchains about 25 feet away on their sales floor. When I purchased them, I wasn't told by the sales girl about any restocking fee in case I returned them, nor was there anything on the sales receipt saying anything. Everybody at Pep Boys says it's a corporate policy and they can't override it.


Bad business. They've lost a customer and I hope many more who read this.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1113905

Me too!


20% "restocking fee" !!! Returned the chains the next day and end up with a $20 penalty. This long time customer does not like it at all.


:cry You guys are crying for a bad reason!!! You bought the chains to have in your car just in case you needed them!!

If you ended up not using them you are lucky and should just pay the $20 "rental fee".

Just about every store out there does NOT let you return them!!! Stop crying about paying $20 to rent chains!!


sounds silly that you would waste all this time and effort over such a small amount of money...wow $19.....that's going to break the bank


You people are all retards if you are charged a restocking fee its for a reason pep boys is not the only place that charges restocking fees on orders. you are only charged a restocking fee if the item was special ordered.Its not pep boys fault that YOU changed your mind and decided to return a perfectly good set of chains.

pepboys have to pay for fed ex or ups to ship that order to the store so why should pepboys pay both ways for you mind change??!! If it was you own bizz you would understand.


Most places including walmart will not refund snow chains and it says that on the receipt. If pepboys actually let you return it, and you really don't need them, then pay the 20%!


Today I too returned unopened/unused snow chains. The store manager created the return manually (instead of just scanning the receipt as the system first asked him to).

He completed the transaction then said that my refund less 20% would be processed back to my card.

I disputed this with him letting him know of the fact that pep boys corporate policy on returns (which was on the counter) and the receipt stated no such restock fee on snow chains.

This is when the manager pointed out a hand written sign on the pallet of snow chains.

I told him unless the cashier had me sign a form or acknowledgment on the receipt, it is illegal to charge a restock fee for an item that is on their shelves and does not fall under special order / electrical items that are specifically called out for a restock fee.

After a 5 minute debate, he canceled the return he processed and processed the return by scanning the receipt.

Plain and simple, he was going around the "corporate" policy by manually creating the return. If corporate wanted to charge me a restock fee, it would have auto adjusted on the return when the receipt was scanned.


I returned my snow chains unopened and I was charged a 20% restocking fee. I called and asked for their corporate number, when I called I was transferred and giving a message saying my call could not be completed. I will not shop there ever again.


My goal now is to let as many people know to not shop at Pep Boys. The $20 they ripped me off will get them lots of bad publicity. Bad investment Pep Boys!


chainup, sorry but that's nonsense. How is it any different than buying anything else?

I can buy floor mats and I'm able to return them without any problems. Do you consider that to be a "rental" as well? The poster clearly stated that he returned the merchandise unopened. We can do this with 99.9% of Pep Boys merchandise.

Don't you think that IF Pep Boys policy is to charge a 20% restocking fee for just snow chains, that they should make a point of letting it be known?

Fvv, dispute it with your credit card company. This happened to me today and I was directed by a Pep Boys manager to a sign that stated it was policy. Of course, in my case, the sign was obstructed by a pallet of motor oil.

I wrote corporate and sent them pictures just on principal. Like you I never plan on doing business with them again.


they dont charge restocking fees unless it was a special order. if they did and it was a special order then management was just being unprofessional. you should read the return policy and go get your 20% back.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #223151

think of it as a "rental" fee

just wonderin here, if, in your business or employment, how would you react to someone wishing to use you or your service for free in such a manner?

to chainup Anaheim, California, United States #764756

How can you "rent" something if you never even used something? When you rent a car, you drive it.

When you rent a movie, you watch it, for a fee less than if you were buying to own. If I used the chains to drive in the snow, and then returned them in working condition, yeah, I'd pay a price for it willingly. But I didn't. I also bought snow chains from Pep Boys, and was told if I opened the box, I'd have to pay a restocking fee.

I never even opened them, and now the store says I owe a 20% fee on a $100 dollar item. Chainup it's an item return, not a rental.

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