Atlantic City, New Jersey
Not resolved

I did not get my rebate. I bought 3 tires to get 1 free.

I followed instuction very closely to get the rebate. I made copies and gave receipt of purchase made. After one whole year, I have not been able to find my information on line, and I still shop there for economic reasons. I still have not received my rebate for the 1 tire I paid for.

I've contacted Pep Boys and they did not have any record of my purchase. Even though I have the sales receipt, no record was found.


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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Was on hold forever with the Pepboy's I purchased my 4 tires from. Hung up and called back...the Supervisor has been calling me back in 2 minutes (for over a holf hour now).

I got a card back from the Rebate Center informing me the tires I purchased did not have a rebate. They either gave me the wrong rebate form or either the tires I purchased didn't have a rebate.

Tired of waiting for the return call. Getting in my car right now to get this resolved!!!


"try sending the rebate on time ***

If only we lived in a world where people like you could just be lit on fire. Oh how I would laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe I'd *** in your mouth to stop you from screaming after a while, but I would laugh and laugh and laugh.


You have to pay for four tires and you get the fourth tire free my rebet. If you only bought three then you don't get one free


try sending the rebate on time ***


Hi there

Sorry you are having trouble getting your rebate. Here's what you need to do.

Go to the Pepboys you bought the tires from and have them get a copy of your work order, then have them call the rebate center telling them that they are going to fax a copy of your work order. I have done this many of times and it works everytime.

The rebate center probably lost yours. Try this I'm sure you will recieve your rebate.

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