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I went to Pep Boy for a radiator flush and oil change. No one call me to tell my car was ready I just happen to call and check for my car and they told it was ready.

When I paid and drove my car off the lot 1/2 mile away the car stopped and I had it towed back to Pep Boys. They said they would check the car out their finding were I needed a new timing belt - the next day I called and they said they tried three belts and none fit the next day I did not receive a call about the car and my hisband called and Pep Boys told him the Technical who worked on his car was in the restroom so therfore we went up there and they never tried to fix the car after they could not find a timing belt. I had the car towed to the Chrysler Dearler ship and Chrysler check out the car and told me Pep Boys messed up your engine when they tired on the different belts they damaged your engine and Chrysler does not make this engine any longer - you would have too junk your car.

Chrysler said they took a picutre because the engine looked perfect and I would have had a engine for life if it had not been damaged. See you in Court Pep Boys.

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you break your own car because you dont follow the service manual and then blame it on someone else wow.


Sue is a good person first of all, its not her fault.

Second using the wrong timing belt on a car can damage the engine since using the wrong one will cause it to "jump" just by putting it on and cranking the engine.

Pep boys is at fault since they have manuals and data bases that tell them exactly which timing belt to use, so "trying" three different timing belts should never have happened in the first place.


a radiator flush and an oil change would not ruin your engine unless they didn't pull oil in the car. also trying different belts wouldn't do it either.

if you vehicle JUMPED timing or your timing belt came off, THAT would ruin your engine. chrysler will tell you anything you want to hear. obviously chrysler isn't going to make that engine anymore since they WENT OUT OF BUSINESS. and the smartest thing would be to call the store to discuss the situation.

all these court happy people make things worse. i don't understand why the first thing out of anyone's mouth is SUE.

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