Denton, Texas

The boys were great! The old ones left and now they got Mike who is really good, I mean really good!

He handled my car and it seem brand new now. He is new to the shop, but he has a genius mind for fixing cars. The other mechanic Nate is as cool as they come He knows his business too The others,,,,I can't tell, I think I THOUGH i saw Darren sweeping all day. very clean .

Since the other guys all changed and quit, they have that guy Mike and he has been a real good mechanic for many years.

He can handle more and he doesn't make mistakes. Nate also is a great worker, steady as they come.

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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #911229

Really Mike,are you really that good? Is your buddy Nate really that great?

Come on there Mike,do you really think we are that ***?

Hey, we all know how much you and Nate really suck!

Denton, Texas, United States #910228

Lies! This was written by a employee

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