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I WAS TOLD THAT I WILL RECEIVE A REBATE ON THE TIRES I"VE BUY ,, 2 week later i found out form the tire company that there is no rebate,,,,pls do not buy,,, anything with rebate offer in PEPBOYS ...sorry to hear for pepboys ,,but they can't not do scam like that in the us i hope they reading this they will be out of custumer soon the way they trick me is'nt going to work for long,, don't know what to say to get 100 word but PEPBOYS SUCKKKKKKKKKK

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Why dont you just call and ask the manager to refund you the amount for one tire... we do this all the time at my store...


so you called the tire company.Lets see your supposed to mail the rebate to the pep boys head office which they due the rebates not the tire company.


tnx for sharing your Pep Boys tire ripoff


Cuz, I just had a tire blowout, and my bf told me there is a "buy 3, get 1 free" deal at Pep Boys...

BUT, I was VERY leery, due to a very bad experience with them awhile back...

they told me I was reponsible to pay about

$1100 on my Plymouth Sundance for repair work, even though it still would not start..

I paid it, and had to get my car towed out of there to the junkyard..

& I'll never forget the manager looking under my hood , and smoking a pipe..

egg harbor township, NJ location..


my husband purchased 4 tires back in Nov 0f 2009 and we sent in the rebate form and we also received the post card stating that the brand of tire was not included in the rebate, but my husband only went to purchase 2 tire but the salesman told him about those particular brand and about the rebate ,that was his reason for buying all four tire there was also i sign posted on the tires buy 3 get one free. after receiving the post card my husband drove down to the pep boy store with the post card and a few choice words ,he was told the same by some thing .when we purchase the tires the receipts even printed out the rebate slip . WE NEED TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT ON PEPBOY


I purchased set of 4 tires under promotion & had no problems. Buy 4 tires & get one free. The rebate tire is paid back by check in the mail after your sent in coupon with proof of purchase.


PEP BOYS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAMMAR OR NOT ...



Dude, this isn't some English paper. You got his point. :x


Wow, was there a complete sentence in that whole thing? Dude learn some grammar and punctuation! You can tell you must be very well educated!

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