Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Pay us now or pay someone else later should be their motto.

I went to Pep Boys to have two tires repaired on my leased SUV. One had a nail and the other a slow leak.

They repaired one and couldn't find the leak in the other. They recommended replacing all four tires before returning the vehicle to GM.

I declined the tires and paid for the repair. A short time later my vehicle was ready.

Within an hour of driving I realized that my air conditioner was no longer working.

Coincidence or criminal mischief - you be the judge.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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by far the stupidest claim i have ever heard. what would they have to gain by doing that?

i hope when you brought your lease back they charged your dumb *** $400 a tire since your lease DOES require new tires upon return. get a second mechanical opinion before making an outrageous claim like that.

Ignorant car owners who know nothing about cars suddenly pretend like they invented the internal combustion engine as soon as a trained pro simply offers them a legitimate suggestion about their vehicle. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

North Springfield, Vermont, United States #15686

How old is your SUV? If it is still under warranty then take it to the dealership.

I think this is a coincidence.They ALWAYS recommend replacing all 4 tires.

Most people replace them at the same time. They were just doing their job!

Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia #15473

well true, they can't open your hood, they purposly have their shops in the open so that you can see them working on your car..

definately a coincidence, besides, most pep boys techs don't know enough to screw with a car's ac.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #14981

"Coincidence or criminal mischief - you be the judge."

We need a third choice: Ignorant Car Owner. The tires have nothing to do with the AC system under the hood. Wow, you're an ***.

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