Plano, Texas
Not resolved

I have been treated badly and feel like I was ripped of on my purchase of new tires.. I have had to replace three in 3 months becouse of defects..

The customer service was terrible and I purchased a warranty on them but was charged to replace them..

I will never let any one else go thru what I have or spend a 1000 dollars on defected products or fake warrantys with pep boys again... Further more the employees were playing poker on the work computers as I sat there trying to get my problem resolved which did not happen.

Monetary Loss: $967.

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If u don't understand how vehicles operate when maintenance is not kept up with, then maybe you shouldn't be driving. Sorry, but basic maintenance is as easy to find on the Internet as it is for you to file false complaints on this website.

And yes we do not have access to any poker websites at the store cause the websites are blocked and we have an intranet.

I don't know if they were using their own smart phones, which is wrong, but those are the facts. Please check your warranty when you make a purchase, not after your vehicle has destroyed tires.

Glencoe, Ontario, Canada #198580

we dont get poker on work computers and we dont rip off customers

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